iDKHOW – Razzmatazz

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (iDKHOW) brings a robust MTV New Wave sound to the alternative charts with their debut full-length album, Razzmatazz. iDKHOW is the project of ex-Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon Weekes and ex-Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman.

Rather than Razzmatazz being a concept album, iDKHOW in itself is a concept. The story goes that this band was unsuccessful 30+ years ago, and after the initial lack of success, are releasing lost videos and recordings. These lost recordings come to listeners as every song iDKHOW puts out. The band has a fun, catchy new wave sound that incites nostalgia. It creates an illusion of being recorded in the 1980s, which is entirely the point.

Razzmatazz begins with ‘Leave Me Alone’; the perfect introduction to what iDKHOW’s sound is all about. The song is catchy and upbeat, both common characteristics of the songs on Razzmatazz. ‘Mad IQs’ continues the idea that this record feels like it belongs on MTV in the channel’s early days.

The single ‘Nobody Likes The Opening Band’ was released earlier in the year and has been well-loved by fans. The song is a plea from an opening band explaining that they are not all that bad.

‘New Invention’ holds a similar sound as the songs that came before it; with its catchy hook and upbeat sound, it is sure to be a fan favorite. Razzmatazz then slows down a little bit in ‘From The Gallows’, a sad song with a nearly happy tune. We then move into a love song titled ‘Clusterhug’, which brings the album’s mood back up. The song feels, simply put, cute.

‘Sugar Pills’ will genuinely pull at the heartstrings of ’80s kids with its sound that is very reminiscent of that time. The bright, captivating tune is just the kind of thing that this year is in desperate need of… something good.

Track eight is not unlike the early sound of bands like The Killers. ‘Kiss Goodnight’ is another love song done in the most alternative pop way possible.

‘Lights Go Down’ is an extraordinarily unforgettable song that makes the listener want to dance, then ‘Need You Here’ is yet another cute love song. The poppy, New Wave style, will make listeners swoon for Weekes’ vocals. The tempo is brought down a bit with ‘Door’; this track is much slower but just as appealing.

Razzmatazz wraps with its title track. A song that shows exactly what the album is all about: a fun, danceable ’80s sound that drips with iDKHOW’s disdain towards Hollywood.


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