beabadoobee – Fake It Flowers

Best known for her song’ death bed (coffee for your head)’, beabaddoobee releases her debut album: Fake It Flowers. The record embodies ’90s cool-girl nostalgia with a modern feel. 

The record starts with ‘Care’, a song that is the perfect cross between a ’90s Riott Grrrl sound and a modern pop song. The song sets the tone for what the rest of the album’s sound will be like. As Fake It Flowers moves smoothly into ‘Worth It’, it moves right along in a way that feels like everything good from ’90s alternative music. 

‘Dye It Red’ serves as a massive middle finger to a person in a past relationship who was controlling. The song is all about being able to do whatever makes you happy. ‘Back to Mars’ brings back more positive themes as it is a love song. It’s short and sweet. The song feels as though it’s just beginning when it’s over, running for only a minute and a half. It’s just enough to make the listener’s heart melt right before ‘Charlie Brown’. This next track begins slow but picks up in a very grungy style that fits Beabadoobee’s whole being extraordinarily well. 

‘Emo Song’ brings the listener’s emotions down a bit with the super sad love song that drips nostalgia. The mood remains low with ‘Sorry’, one of Fake It Flowers’ singles. The song is all about not moving on with a sound that perfectly carries the lyrics. Still remaining in a sadder tone, ‘Further Away’ leaves the listener feeling too melancholy. 

‘Horen Sarrison’ is a love song about Beabadoobee’s boyfriend, Soren Harrison, and it brings the mood of Fake It Flowers back into a more cheery place, but then ‘How Was You Day’ drags it back down with its softer sound and melancholy lyrics. ‘Together’ tells a happier story, but the sound remains slower. 

‘Yoshimi, Forrest, Magdalene’ wraps the album with a song about being so in love with someone that you pick out names for your hypothetical children. The song is a cute, upbeat ending to a perfect record. 

Beabadoobee’s sweet soft voice carries the heavier guitar-driven music so well. She and her band have found their groove and are clearly meant to play together. The band helps Beabadoobee push her writing and vocals to the next level, resulting in a fantastic wave of nostalgia. 


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