Deftones – Ohms

Ohms is here, after much anticipation from fans of classic albums like Adrenaline, White Pony, and Deftones.

The Sacramento band Deftones have released their first new music since 2016’s Gore and sent us on a musical path that’s both brilliant and focused. In this latest musical journey, we see the band join forces with producer Terry Date, a man who worked with them on their first four albums. The Deftones may always be remembered for their unique sound that sees Chino Moreno singing about god knows what but in such a way that gives its audience a sense of cathartic energy.

This album is no different in that sense; listeners will find an ability to relate not to lyrics but to sound and energy. Even when that sound is strangely squawking seagulls that bring you towards the ocean, offering you a sea breeze of synth sounds that are relaxing and perplexing. As we hear in ‘Pompeji’, ending out some genuinely astonishing vocals from Moreno. This one is definitely a stand out track.

Meanwhile, on ‘This Link Is Dead’, we are told, “You’re on your own.” Whether that’s true or not, who knows? What we do know is there is something very familiar about this album, and perhaps in these times, we could have asked for something a little different. Although if you have been around this long, you get set in your ways, and these guys have been around for nearly as long as some listeners are old. 

When the latest single ‘Genesis’ came out, it was to great fan appreciation, with many pegging it as the best song they’d heard this year. It is very 2020 in the sense that it encapsulates so much in its short few minutes. However, it was just a signpost of where this album would go and is not our favourite track from Ohms but only because it’s too hard to pick a favourite.

This musical journey is well worth a trip by picking up a copy and giving it a spin when it’s released on Friday, 25th September. Though, as mentioned before, it is bound to be a trip down memory lane with perhaps a little more precision than we have seen in previous albums.


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