American Authors – Counting Down EP

American Authors​ came into the spotlight in 2013 with their hit ‘Best Day of My Life’. Continuing to add to their discography, the band has come to their fourth EP: ​Counting Down​. The EP acts as a stepping stone that will close an era for the band.

Counting Down​ was written and recorded soon after their last full-length album, ​Seasons​. The band rented an Airbnb in Nashville, shortly after ​Seasons’​ release, where they hunkered down and got to work. American Authors were writing with no real intentions of creating an EP; they instead took advantage of the inspiration they felt at the time. Eventually, it turned into a singles project with the release of ‘Microphone’. The release of ‘Microphone’ was timed just before their tour that ran from January 2020 through February 2020.

As the band began to wrap up their project, COVID 19 was becoming a growing concern. American Authors is a band that thrives on the heavy collaboration that being in a band allows. Not knowing when they would be able to play together in the same room, they decided to release their collection of singles as an EP, gradually releasing the tracks as singles that would become whole as an EP.

The EP begins with ‘Brick by Brick’, the standout track of the EP, an upbeat song about overcoming your self-doubts. The song serves as American Authors’ take on the political climate in America today. The EP slows down a bit while remaining upbeat for the title track ‘Counting Down’. The song feels almost melancholy, but holds a hopeful tone of nostalgia in the lyrics. The third track, ‘Microphone’, picks back up and lifts the listener’s spirits, a feeling that is rare and much needed in 2020. ‘Sky’s the Limit’ leaves the listener feeling as though they can do anything they want. The song’s lyrics and upbeat message evoke a sense of needing to get your goals accomplished.

The EP closes with ‘Best I Can’. A love song that sets realistic standards while still sounding hopefully romantic. A promise of something attainable and vital is better than an empty promise of something superficial, primarily when your loved one works hard to make sure you have what you need. ‘Best I Can’ is a collaboration with ​Seeb​, a Norwegian producing duo.

Overall the album feels very current while holding the well-loved feel of 2013’s pop-rock. American Authors’ music maintains a warm nostalgic feel that remains strong even as they grow and evolve.


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