Odina – What I Never Told You

Odina​ is an up and coming alternative pop artist who has recently released her first full-length album: ​What I Never Told You​.

The album has been a long time coming; the songs are a collection of her work that has been written over the last few years. The record focuses on the ups and downs of adulthood so far. The singer/songwriter has a broad range of inspirations but can create her own sound while still giving the nod to the artists who have influenced her. ​What I Never Told You​, holds a familiar feeling held by well-loved artists: Bjork, Halsey, and Lorde. While holding this familiar feeling Odina creates her own atmosphere to share her feelings in.

Four tracks on ​What I Never Told You​ were welcomed as singles. These four songs: ‘1,2,3,4’, ‘Many Things’, ‘Please’, and ‘Heartache’ gave listeners a good view into what the album would sound like. The whole album feels like a single piece of art, as an album should, with each song complementing the one before it.

The album ​was recorded in three locations: Odina’s tiny bedroom, her parent’s basement, and Sjømannskirken (a Norwegian church located in London). Regardless of the location of recording, the sound quality of the self-produced record remains consistent.

What I Never Told You​ carries heavy coming of age themes, inspired by Odina’s struggles and triumphs as she finds her way as a young adult. She wrote about heartbreak, the emotional insecurities, and devastation that come with it. As Odina moved to London, away from her family, she faced challenges of adulthood that are rarely spoken of.

A few of the most noteworthy songs on the record are ‘Hey, Hey’, ‘Take Care Of My Heart’, and ‘Wake Me Up’. ‘Hey, Hey’ is reminiscent of the type of 1990’s alternative pop that Alanis Morissette popularized; songs that carry a feeling of being absolutely jaded, but optimistic everything will work out. ‘Take Care Of My Heart’ is a love song without completely being a love song. The song is about being vulnerable enough with someone to give them your whole heart and trusting they will be gentle. The feeling of warm fuzziness that ‘Wake Me Up’ evokes is immaculate. The song is what should be played during every movie scene where the handsome man sees the pretty woman across the room; that is the type of feeling the song brings up in listeners.

What I never Told You​ leaves the listener with a strong feeling of everything being okay. The record creates the feeling that Odinia is the cool older sister at a sleepover, telling you that life is going to be tough, but you will make it through the hard times.


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