The Killers – Imploding The Mirage

The Killers are a dab hand at producing perfection, and despite their most well-known song being the 2004 smash hit ‘Mr. Brightside’ they’ve been consistently releasing great music over the years.

Their latest record Imploding The Mirage is a triumphant one that even makes death seem like a good old party. In ‘Running Towards A Place’, Brandon Flowers hits us with his unique voice telling us that “we’re running towards a place where we’ll walk as one / And the sadness of this life will be overcome.” Maybe in the year of Covid-19, we need to find hope in even the direst of situations.

All of the 10 tracks on Imploding The Mirage are reassuringly good, and it’s hard to choose stand out songs. This makes songs like ‘Caution’, which is all about throwing it to the wind, compete in fighting for the spot of a fan favourite. In ‘Caution’ Flowers tell us “cause it’s some kinda sin/to live your whole life/on a might’ve been/I’m ready now,” and at this stage in 2020 I think we can all agree if we aren’t already living that way it’s about time we did.

The songs are so often sweetly reminiscent of the old Killers, starting out quietly before moving onto those choruses that Flowers has offered up to us so many times before. Ones that we would love to bash out in the club singing along to every word with passion and emotion.  Thundering drums and pop hooks makes for good anthems as this album proves.

Imploding The Mirage was produced by the band along with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado and producer Shawn Everett. Guitarist Dave Keuning is on hiatus, but plenty of guests make up for his absence, including Weyes Blood, Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, The War on Drugs’ Adam Granduciel and k.d. Lang. The guests are all perfectly chosen for a purpose, and none of them take away from The Killers’ brilliance.

As their sixth studio album, it’s a much-anticipated installment in any fans collection, and hopefully, it will garner new fans – fans born after ‘Mr. Brightside’ was released, who are fast becoming young adults and finding their own tastes in music, building a new scene. This is very much something new with splashes of something old that makes for a pretty fantastic album.


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