Stand Atlantic – Pink Elephant

If you didn’t already know, Stand Atlantic are a great example of a band made for what they do. They burst onto the scene about eight years ago and quickly left their mark on it.

The Aussies have an excellent reputation here in the UK already. They played everyone’s favourite independent music festival Slam Dunk in 2018 and have gone on to support acts like Neck Deep, State Champs, and The Maine on their UK tour legs, gathering well deserved new fans along the way.

It is hard to believe that this album Pink Elephant is only their second full-length record as it plays like a much more experienced act created it. It is arguably even better than their first full-length release in 2018 – despite that remaining a top-notch album, this one just pipped it to the post. However, it is satisfying to think that the band still has room to grow, and we can only wonder what the future brings for these guys.

The album opens up with ‘Like That’, which immediately grabs you and showcases the band’s knack for writing catchy hooks. Followed up by ‘Shh!’, a short sharp hit of brilliance that gives us a look into the best of what Pink Elephant has to offer. The rest of the album is beyond competent, which should come as no surprise for those who have already heard the singles bursting out from tracklisting.

Stand out songs include ‘Wavelength’ that has a synth-led sound and immediately gets your head nodding or your foot tapping. This will be a great song to hear live and is sure to become a fan favourite for that reason. Another song that jumps out for entirely different reasons is ‘Drink to Drown’, a ballad, and a good one at that. The lyrical content stands up against the beautiful piano and creates something so many people can relate to as Bonnie Fraser confesses, “I should know better, but I don’t, so I drink to drown.”

The album finishes with ‘Hate Me (Sometimes)’, a pure gem of a song – talk about going out with a bang! It definitely proves that is the case, a high-energy, fast-paced track that fans are going to love to dance to when live music returns.

Stand Atlantic have pushed the boundaries of their genre in a record that every modern pop-punk fan should pick up when it hits stores and streaming services on Friday, August 7. Expect some songs that live more in the realm of pop but with a unique take on what pop is coming from a band not afraid to create music outside of their comfort zone.


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