Acceptance – Wild EP

Seattle rockers Acceptance were cutting their teeth in the music scene before a considerable amount of contemporarily popular bands were even past their youth.

First formed in 1998, the five-piece took a break in the mid-’00s before eventually reuniting in 2015 for their first single release in ten years. Their second studio album, Colliding By Design, followed in 2017, and two years later, the band confirmed that they were working on new material.

Friday, July 24, will see the release of a new EP from Acceptance; the record, entitled Wild, is highly anticipated by their fanbase, who have been desperate to hear more even if it’s vastly different from what they once fell in love with. The band has, of course, had to evolve with the times. Where they once wouldn’t have seemed unsuitable to be playing alongside the likes of Taking Back Sunday and Midtown, Acceptance have adapted their sound for this new material and now have a style that isn’t unlike bands such as The Killers.

Two tracks have already been shared with fans and have received an overwhelmingly positive response. Their most diehard supporters were quick to jump to their defense in social media comments, supporting their change of style. ‘Cold Air’, the first song to be released out into the stratosphere, features a synth-heavy intro that is quickly joined by Jason Vena’s signature haunting vocals. This is a lyrical and melodic gem and is the perfect way for the band to re-introduce themselves.

‘Midnight’ dropped on July 10, giving yet another taste of what was to come with its catchy chorus and intricate instrumentals. It’s what we didn’t hear before that really steals the show, however: ‘Son Of The City’ is vocally focused, showcasing the powerful range that Vena possesses. ‘Wasted Nights’, the closing track and therefore what one might consider the band’s swan song concerning this particular comeback, shines brightly throughout and is the kind of stadium-ready effort to make sure the band’s return to the scene will not be in vain.

One thing is for sure — Acceptance have been around long enough, not just together but as individual musicians, to run a tight ship every single time. Ultimately, Wild is a wonderfully solid record and has our excitement running high for what might come next.


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