Is this the new normal for gigs?

In a new and unique experience for most music fans, Halsey x Magnum Ice Cream premiered on YouTube earlier today for a live stream of some of her most popular songs. Rather than a full-fledged live performance, she went for an acoustic set, which was genuinely haunting and paid off for all those watching.

Opening with her hit song ‘Bad At Love’, the vocals were phenomenal and breathtaking from the first note and flowed well into ‘Without Me’. Halsey flowed through with ease during the set, joining in with the acoustics playing on a guitar so smoothly. Taking breaks to speak to the audience during the set is reminiscent of the times of live shows when artists would tell of the meanings behind some of their songs and the writing process.

We could see the love and passion she had during certain songs, such as ‘Graveyard’ and the joy that came from performing. The fan reaction was explosive throughout the set, commenting on the even greater improvement of her vocals as time has gone on. Halsey forever set a place for all of her fans to feel at home with each other, and it is something that all artists are definitely missing during this period of no in-person live events.

Arguably the most amazing point of the event was the fact that Magnum Ice Cream pledged $50,000 to the LGTBQ organization GLSEN.

Here is to hoping that we could potentially see more artists adopting this style during this period of uncertainty!

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