New Found Glory – Forever + Ever x Infinity

New Found Glory is a part of the pop-punk scene that we have grown up with. After 20 years on the scene, they’ve headed back to their roots for this their most recent record Forever + Ever x Infinity.

If you’re wondering what the themes running through the album are, I’ll give you a clue that it may have something to do with affairs of the heart. It may well be true that songs about girls you like will never go out of style for musicians.

The album opens with a raucous effect and the stand out single ‘Shook By Your Shaved Head’, a song that has an excellent beat with an addictive chorus. It is sweetly reminiscent of old school New Found Glory and is definitely a win for fans who like that old style.

Other songs that stand out include ‘Double Chin For The Win’, which is again, more than reminiscent of old New Found Glory and will go as far as to be the epitome of them as a band, from the breakdowns to the drums and the sweet but silly lyrics. With all that romantic, lyrical content, it’s no surprise that there’s a slow one in there too by way of ‘More and More’.

One of the best tracks on the album also presents itself as one of the best songs that the band have released in a while, ‘Nothing To Say’. It’s catchy gang vocals on the title of the song pull you in, and it has a fantastic instrumental solo at the end of the song. It’s the kind of track that puts the fun in pop-punk. In other words, it’s good without taking itself too seriously.

If what you are looking for are anthemic tracks, then New Found Glory have got you covered too. They may not fill an album with them like some other bands, but instead, they prefer to sprinkle them lightly on top of an already great and a well put together album. In this case, our sprinkles come in the form of ‘The Way You Deserve’ that pops up in the last third of the record, three or four songs from the end. It jumps out at you and grabs you in ways that every listener will love.

This album will be a treat live, and anyone who has been to a New Found Glory show will be able to tell you that they really know how to put one on. This is highlighted by the song ‘Slipping Away’ which acts as the band’s finale. The slightly longer than usual song will have you indeed screaming, “Encore!” All in all, this album is a real treat for fans, but that’s not the only surprise the band have in store for them.

On Friday, June 19, the band will be holding a live stream Song-A-Thon as a part of their release day party. They will be playing 40 songs live, and tickets are on sale now at


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