Boston Manor is a band that just keeps on defying the limits that seem to hinder other parts of the alternative/rock scene, and they have done it once again with GLUE.

The five-piece from Blackpool have been hard at work since 2013 with three studio albums and tours across the world, and with confidence, we can say it has paid off ever since.

Since hearing Welcome to the Neighbourhood, fans have eagerly awaited this album that does not disappoint in any way. The opening track ‘Everything Is Ordinary’ is a statement, one with a political weight that becomes generation-defining for the band. It doesn’t pretend to know the answers, but rather questions the answers and uses that to provide a stance for the group in these uncertain times. The opening is just electric and full of energy and sets the tone for what follows on from it. The political sounds are dripped and wrought throughout, with songs such as ‘You, Me & the Class War’. This is one that we are looking out for at the live shows and could become a crowd favourite very quickly.

‘Plasticine Dreams’ caught us off guard on the first listen, for all the right reasons. It has nostalgic memories of ’90s pop-punk but with that Boston Manor twist that makes it their own sound. The vocals of lead singer Henry Cox genuinely shine through on this song, and it has been on repeat for most of the album playthroughs.

The darker tones of the album are drawn out through songs such as ‘On A High Ledge’, which is about Cox witnessing a suicide. He channels that past trauma and uses it for a symphonic resonance of vocals and instrumentals.  Closing out the album is ‘Monolith’, and this is the perfect track to set the tone on this new era for the band.

It has the right combination of the new sound and the older albums combined. GLUE is a real highlight of a band that has deep-dived into something experimental and using their full potential to its highest.  There are different combinations throughout, and almost something for everyone within the album. Not many bands could achieve this hybrid of genres and combinations, but Boston Manor has truly smashed it out of the park with this one. If we needed anything during the lockdown, this was it.

Don’t forget to catch Boston Manor on the headline tour for the signature new studio album GLUE come August across the UK/EU!

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