The Wrecks have just released their latest single ‘Out of Style’. The band has been releasing new material here and there since last year and each time the songs seem to keep getting better and better.

Anyone who is familiar with The Wrecks’ music knows that they have an absolutely electric sound. ‘Out Of Style’ is no exception, and when the song picks up it’s easy to want to move around to it. It’s also clear that it’s a track that will do great live, since it has a great build-up as well. The Wrecks have a good track record of creating songs that are surefire to do well live at their shows, which is something other bands end up missing the mark with.

Something particularly noticeable in the track is that lead singer Nick Anderson’s vocals seem to get lost a little in parts since the song is so dynamic, which makes it seem like at certain points Anderson is forcing his vocals. Overall, it’s another solid song to hold fans over until the band releases their highly anticipated album that fans have been patiently waiting for. 

It will be interesting to see when The Wrecks finally release their first full length; if it will have the same sound as their past work if they will try something new and switch it up. 

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