Recently Hot Chelle Rae released their newest single ‘Tomorrow Me’. Though the new single is catchy, it seems to fall flat when it comes to the lyrics.

People may remember Hot Chelle Rae as a blast from the past; for their easy-going and fun tunes. Fast forward almost 10 years later and the band have come back from a five-year hiatus, attempting a more mature approach to their sound. Musically the song is easy to want to dance along to all the way through, but the delivery of the lyrics and lyrical content itself, however, are where the song begins to fail. Right off the bat, the song begins with, “I’mma eat cake for breakfast, I know guac costs extra,” which can seem a little dated.

Towards the end of the track lead singer Ryan Follese performs spoken word and when listening it was hard to not to cringe just from listening to the lyrics: “I’mma drink it all, I’mma sleep in, that’s not so tight.” The music is the only thing that was able to save the song. Hot Chelle Rae has found a way to keep their catchy pop sound and elevate it since the band and their fans are older now. 

 Though the song’s message is lighthearted and fun, it’s impossible to get past the cheesy lyrics. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the band’s soon to be released EP holds up. 

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