Currently on their Nella Vita Tour: Part 2, Philadelphia’s Grayscale brought their high energy show to the Holy Diver in Sacramento, California on February 10. 

 Starting off their show was Crooked Teeth. With their fun stage presence and catchy tunes, they did a great job of getting the crowd moving and setting the vibe for the rest of the show.

Next to play was WSTR. As soon as the band started to play the crowd immediately started to get into it. Between the singing and dancing along the venue’s floor was starting to shake. The energy in the room while the band was playing was so contagious, it was an enjoyable set to watch.

Last to open was Hot Mulligan. They also had a great set filled with people singing along so loudly it was hard to even hear the band singing. Looking at the crowd they looked like they were having the best time watching the band play. 

 Finally, it was time for Grayscale to hit the stage. The band began with ‘Just Right’, which was ultimately the best start to the show, as it really set the tempo for what was going to be a great performance. The energy in the venue was at a high throughout the whole set which is just a testament to how great of performers the band really are. It was enjoyable to watch since the band’s colorful music makes it impossible to not want to jump around and sing along.

Grayscale’s set had the perfect mix of songs off Nella Vita but also some of their older material. When playing older songs, the crowd was moving around in the pit, yelling along as loud as they could and crowd surfing. When the band played songs from Nella Vita, the crowd was dancing and having the best time. Lead singer Collin Walsh and guitarist Dallas Molster both did a great job of hyping up the crowd throughout the show.

There were two standout moments from the show — the first was when the band played ‘Mum’. The band had a dope intro for the song that got the whole crowd hyped up. The audience pushed off to the sides so there could be a big pit in the middle. That was when the energy in the room skyrocketed. One of the other moments was when the band slowed down the set and played slower songs where you could just hear the crowd singing along. It showed the special connection fans have with the band’s music.  It was great to watch a show where the energy was so positive and lighthearted. It is clear that Grayscale love what they do and make sure they deliver the best show possible to their fans. 

 All in all, it was a great show put on by all the bands. It’s safe to say no fans were left disappointed by the show. Visit to find future tour dates for the band and to stream Nella Vita

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