Lindsay Latimer – Little Tiny Ocean EP

Nashville born songstress Lindsay Latimer is proving to be a real up and coming success story.

It has been around three years since her last EP release Teenage Lullaby, featuring synth-heavy tracks such as ‘Prom Queens’ which got over 150,000 streams on Spotify. She’s now back on the music scene with her fresh, new EP titled Little Tiny Ocean. The record is due for release on 7 February 2020 and is set to feature the tracks ‘Bathroom Floor’, ‘Bloodstream’, ‘Drains’ and ‘Jacuzzi (I Do It For the Instagram)’.

The first track ‘Bathroom Floor’ is an emotional piano-driven ballad. Latimer is clearly starting to divert away from the synth beats as heard in her previous work and replacing them with more instrumental sounds. It is definitely a track which is going to grow on you with more and more listens.

Next up is ‘Bloodstream’, a song that has already been released on major streaming sites such as YouTube and Spotify, giving us a real taster of what’s to come. It is a haunting but catchy Melanie Martinez inspired track and is extremely relatable, giving a much slower perspective on her life at that moment.

‘Drains’ is a song revolving around her frequent use of social media and how it consumes her daily life. Latimer has said herself how her constant use of social media apps has negatively affected her mental state. The song has a very infectious beat, which is repeatedly used throughout the duration of the track. It is very relatable, due to the fact that social media plays such a massive part in most people’s lives in this day and age.

The last song on Latimer’s latest release is ‘Jacuzzi (I Do It For the Instagram)’. This is going to be a very real song for many people, as a lot of social media users frequently use Instagram to portray a certain lifestyle. It describes the dangers of this and how it truly affects your mental wellbeing.

Overall, this is a fantastic new release for Lindsay Latimer, which is no doubt going to perform incredibly. The themes of the EP will definitely ring true with a lot of people, current fans and new. Be sure to check out and stream Little Tiny Ocean on its release — you won’t regret it!

Little Tiny Ocean will be released on Friday 7 February 2020.


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