Dashboard Confessional – The Best Ones of the Best Ones

Dashboard Confessional decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary in style.

Not only announcing a tour, but one where there will be full album plays of The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most and A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar in select cities. More joyous then, that the band also decided to release a complication that you can snap up in all formats to top off any self-respecting fans music collection.

Dashboard Confessional are one of those bands that have been around for more years then some of the crowd headed for their upcoming shows. This career-spanning album is a real treat for the ears and for all those emo hearts. The Best Ones of the Best Ones could not be any more aptly titled for it truly is that.

The album runs through 20 songs to mark 20 amazing years, starting at the beginning with  ‘Screaming Infidelities’ from The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most. This is followed swiftly by the title track from The Swiss Army Romance, a complete blast from the past that will drag you back to the turn of the millennium. Not that you’d be putting up that much of a fight to take this particular trip down memory lane.

Some of the real gems from this album are the songs taken from the MTV Unplugged 2.0 album including ‘The Best Deceptions’, ‘The Sharp Hint Of New Tears’ and ‘The Brilliant Dance’. You should also expect to hear the more well-known songs from the 2006 release Dusk and Summer including ‘Vindicated’. If you want to be transported back to a better time by Chris Carrabba’s smooth voice and the melodic songs then be sure to pick up The Best Ones of the Best Ones.

This is an album that’s like your favourite band tee or hoodie. It comes from a cool artist, is full of great memories and is comfortable and familiar. A must-own for every Dashboard Confessional fan that ever there was. Or a great introduction to the band for any newbies or casual listeners out there too.

In case you’re wondering exactly what songs you can expect to find and if your favourites are on it here is the tracklisting:

Screaming Infidelities (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
The Swiss Army Romance (The Swiss Army Romance)
Again I Go Unnoticed (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
Saints and Sailors (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most (The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most)
Hands Down (So Impossible)
So Impossible (So Impossible)
The Best Deceptions (MTV Unplugged 2.0)
The Sharp Hint Of New Tears (MTV Unplugged 2.0)
The Brilliant Dance (MTV Unplugged 2.0)
Drowning (The Drowning)
Ghost Of A Good Thing (A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar)
Don’t Wait (Dusk and Summer)
Stolen (Dusk and Summer)
So Long, So Long (Dusk and Summer)
Vindicated (Dusk and Summer)
Fever Dreams (The Shade Of Poison Trees)
Belle Of The Boulevard (Alter the Ending)
We Fight (Crooked Shadows)
Heart Beat Here (Crooked Shadows)


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