Following the success of their comeback last year, the Jonas Brothers released a new track titled ‘What a Man Gotta Do’ on January 17. The new track is very different than any material that was released last year by the band. 

 Off the bat, the song has a completely different feel than their 2019 album Happiness Begins. The guitar and drums in the song give it more of a ’80s movie soundtrack vibe. Though the song isn’t traditional pop like other songs in their discography, they still found a way to give it a catchy and lighthearted feel.

The only real downfall of the track is the lyrics. When listening to the fun tune it could be easy to get sidetracked by the sound, but the lyrics are very cheesy for the most part. Lyrics like, “I’m not trying to be your part-time lover, sign me up for that full time,” come off as a cliché, falling into something that wouldn’t be out of place in a romantic comedy. Besides that, there are some endearing lines in the song and both Nick and Joe Jonas’ vocals do a great job of not making the song sound like a joke. 

 It was quite a surprise to see the band release a song that wasn’t a direct follow up to Happiness Begins. It will be interesting to see if the Jonas Brothers continue in this new route or go back to the traditional pop sound they are known for. 

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