The Faim is a four-piece band from Perth, Australia that has been making the transition to international touring artists pretty quickly over the last year. Luckily for the rest of the world, they’ve managed to fit a lot of touring into that year. Today was London’s chance to see them and they welcomed the band with open arms.

First on the line up was Northern California’s Cemetery Sun, a band that supported the likes of The Maine earlier in the year. The guys are said to be influenced by alternative rock, pop, and R&B their sound is definitely a good one. Considering they were on first at an early door time show there was already quite the crowd growing, and they did a great job of getting them in the mood.

hot milk was up next and they are a band known for their hard work and playing almost every festival there was this summer, despite seemingly appearing out of what feels like nowhere. (Apparently, the band was formed in Manchester in 2018.) It was a real pleasure to watch their performance and the crowd made it clear they thought so too. By this time in the night they had whipped them up into a “we’re ready for the main act now” frenzy. 

OK. It starts off… a dark stage, and then a beam of light, and yes that is the opening lyric for ‘The Legend of The Rent’ courtesy of the movie School of Rock. Which is exactly what was playing at the beginning of this set much to the delight of the audience who laughed and sang along. When they got to the line “you come in with the bass,” the lone bassist, Stephen Beerkens, let rip standing in his beam of light. An epic start to an epic hour.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the band joined Beerkens on stage and kicked straight into ‘Tongue Tied’. Vocalist Josh Raven strut out, dressed in a leather jacket, and as he sang the audience did even louder. Once the song was done Raven shed his jacket and it was almost a sign that it was time to get down to business, the business of putting on a damn good show.

The thing most striking about this show was how perfectly the production complemented the music. The lighting was flawless, it was dramatic and theatrical much like their sound and performance. With the way Raven dances about on the stage, he really owns the space and is backed up by the talented musicians in his band. 

A nice high point of the show was when they slowed it down a little to play ‘Make Believe’. It really gave Raven a chance to show off his vocals and the performance was beautiful. Though the crowd’s highlight was probably when The Faim played ‘My Heart Needs to Breathe’ judging by the audience reaction. Things got crazy out there and everybody was jumping up and down perfectly in time, and without being asked to.

As they came towards the tail end of the set the band decided we needed to participate more and that we should learn part of the lyrical content of ‘When It Comes If’, if they didn’t already know it. Raven proceeded to hold a sing-along that was fun and very successful, the audience sounded great, maybe not as great as Raven but pretty good all the same. 

Then came the part of the show we all dread as they announced there were only three songs left. Which they went on the play almost better than the rest of the set spurred on by a great atmosphere coming from the crowd. Once the songs were over Raven asked the audience to look out for each other, the band took a photo and then they were off. Not an encore in sight which was a shame because they left the crowd wanting more.

Photos by Ciara Wilkison.

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