flor at The Dome, London

Los Angeles based indie-pop band flor returned to the UK last week for two special nights in Manchester and London, celebrating the release of their new album ley lines.

The London show, which was also their last gig of 2019, was held at The Dome in Tufnell Park last Thursday, with support from Stereo Honey.

The night started off with a bit of a wild ride: initial sound issues included, Stereo Honey went from sounding like a decent band, to a Muse cover band, to just incredibly annoying: there’s only so much falsetto a crowd can deal with in a night. Most of their new material sounded much better than everything else, but watching their set almost became painful towards the end. Luckily some fans in the crowd seemed to enjoy Stereo Honey’s set, and they managed to warm the crowd up before their “American cousins”, flor.

There was an intense shift in energy when flor came on stage. Suddenly everybody seemed happier (it quite easily could have been the band members’ contagious smiles) and the energy was fantastic: it was clear that this night was special for every single person in the crowd as well as on stage, and that’s rare.

The band played a mix of songs from their two albums and there was not a single bad song. Perfectly played instruments mixed with a surprising yet ethereal voice can only give great results: flor are simply impossible to dislike. The aforementioned falsetto thing doesn’t apply when the band is incredible.

“It’s a big day here. Not just ‘cause we’re here,” said lead singer Zach Grace between songs. In case you’ve forgotten, Thursday was election night in the UK. Although the result wasn’t what he or the crowd seemed to wish for, it was still nice to see someone from a different country care about the election and get people involved in politics.

Going back to music, the quartet carried on playing songs from their latest album that can only be described as dreamy, and a “very special” cover of ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay (accompanied by yellow lighting on stage) that was probably even better than the original version.

flor are the personification of the “chill Tumblr vibes” every indie kid tried to achieve in 2013 — which is a good thing, by the way. It works so incredibly well, it’s surprising that none of the fans in the crowd were wearing flower crowns. If you haven’t heard their music yet, you should definitely check them out and catch the next tour.


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