Atlanta based rock band Issues are currently on tour in support of their new album Beautiful Oblivion. The band had a show in Sacramento, California at Ace of Spades on November 16. 

 The first opening band to play was Sleep Token. They have such a distinct sound, it was interesting to see how the crowd reacted to it. Towards the end of their set, there was a decent sized mosh pit going while other people in the audience were also getting into it as well. Sleep Token did a great job of warming up those who were watching.

Next to play was Lil Aaron. Though his music has an easier going sound, it seemed like the crowd just wasn’t connecting with it. That didn’t stop Lil Aaron though from losing his energy on stage. He and his band looked like they were having a great time on stage, making it an enjoyable set to watch.

The last opener of the night was Polyphia. What was crazy was as soon as the band got on stage, fans started to scream. Throughout the band’s whole set, it was obvious the crowd was enjoying every minute, their sound made it easy for all the fans to want to jump around. It looked like they were feeding off the crowd’s energy since they were getting into it as well. The band did a great job as well to talk to the crowd in between songs to make sure the crowd’s energy stayed at a ten the whole time. When the band finished, the crowd started cheering for one more song. 

 Finally, it was time for Issues to hit the stage. Starting off their set they opened with ‘Here’s To You’. That was a great choice on their part because it got the crowd fired up. Immediately fans got into it and started singing along. The band’s setlist was a great mix of some of their older material. They also played all of Beautiful Oblivion. The fans went crazy when they would play their new songs. Some of the crowd favorites seemed to be ‘Second Best’, ‘Flexin’, and ‘Tapping Out’. With ‘Second Best’ being a raw song with honest lyrics, it was easy for fans to want to sing along as loud as they could. During ‘Tapping Out’, fans went crazy when the song got heavy. When looking at the crowd it looked like a sea of people jumping up and down. With ‘Flexin’ being one of the more lighthearted songs off the new album, it seemed to be a moment in the show for fans to have fun and dance.

While watching the band play it was noticeable that each member has their own unique stage presence. Though each member’s style of performing is different it comes together well because they all looked like they were having a blast while playing. The energy the crowd showed the band during the show was amazing. It seemed like the band was feeding off that energy since there was never a dull moment in the show. Fans were loving the new songs live, which was great to see since it has been a while since the last time Issues put out any music. Closing out their set, the band played ‘Mad at Myself’. That was another moment in itself because fans went off the walls. As soon as fans could tell what song it was, they started cheering then singing along as loud as they could. It was the perfect ending to their show. 

 The Beautiful Oblivion Tour is the kickoff of a new chapter for the band. It showed on stage that they have found their personal sound. While performing the new songs they looked like they were confident and enjoying themselves. 

 The Beautiful Oblivion Tour goes on until December 15. 

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