On October 15, the Jonas Brothers played a show at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California for part of their wildly successful Happiness Begins Tour. 

As you were walking up to the arena there was a sea of eager fans, visibly filled with excitement. It was a special moment to see that after all the years the band originally broke up that the fans were ready to pick back up as if the break up never happened. 

Eventually, 9:30 pm rolled around and the lights in the arena went out. Fans started to scream with excitement. The band’s introductory video started playing and as each brother’s face popped up on the screen the screams from fans intensified. Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas then appeared and the screams of the fans could have blown the roof off the arena. The brothers started playing ‘Rollercoaster’ and the audience instantly started singing and dancing along. As soon as they finished the song, there was a close to a minute of pure applause. The band stood there in disbelief as fans clapped and cheered, you couldn’t help but get goosebumps at that moment. 

The Jonas Brothers continued with playing songs off Happiness Begins and their self-titled album. After they played ‘Used To Be’, they made their way to their B stage. There they played ‘Hesitate’, ‘Gotta Find You’, and played a fan-requested song. After the fan request, Nick and Joe stayed on stage to perform their songs ‘Jealous’ and ‘Cake By The Ocean’. This was the perfect way to get the crowd’s energy back up after playing a few slower songs. During ‘Cake By The Ocean’ they had wacky inflatables and confetti. 

Kevin then appeared on the main stage playing the piano, and Joe and Nick started to sing ‘Comeback’. When they later played ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ there was another special moment as the band had fans sing a part of the song. Whenever the band had the crowd sing, the singing was always so strong and loud. Next was ‘I Believe’ and towards the end of the song the band made their way back to the B stage. Nick then gave a mini-speech about how much the tour meant to the three of them, and how nice it was to see that their fans still care as much as they did in the beginning. From there Joe, Kevin and Nick took a shot and went into playing their mashup of older songs. Some of the songs included in the mashup were ‘Mandy’, ‘Got Me Going Crazy’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘World War 3’. 

Wrapping up their set the band played ‘Lovebug’ and ‘Year 3000’. During ‘Year 3000’ the crowd went wild since that song would be considered a staple for the band. After the band left the stage, the whole crowd started chanting “Jonas!” After a short wait Kevin, Joe and Nick came back on stage to play their encore. First, they popped up from the stage and started singing ‘Burnin’ Up’, which fans really got excited since it’s one of their bigger songs. During the rapping section of the performance, all you could hear in the arena was the fans’ own rendition and they knew every single word. 

Finally ending their show, the band played ‘Sucker’. It was the perfect ending to the performance when the confetti cannons went off one last time. As the band continued to play all three brothers ran to both ends of the stage to wave goodbye to the fans then they met in the middle to take a final bow. 

Leaving the arena the energy was still at an all-time high. Fans swarmed to get merchandise while others stayed to take the moment in and take group shots to remember the show. Overall, it was an incredible show between the off the charts energy their fans had, the great stage production, and fantastic stage presence all three brothers had. It is safe to say the Jonas Brothers know how to make a comeback.

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