On October 1, Vampire Weekend stopped by Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco, California for their Father of the Bride Tour. 

Opening up the show was Soccer Mommy. They had a great set — between their energetic stage presence and dynamic songs they had no issues obtaining the crowd’s attention. 

Finally, after a short wait, it was time for Vampire Weekend to hit the stage. As soon as the band were visible they were welcomed by screaming fans. This was the band’s first performance in San Francisco in six years so the anticipation was high for fans. They opened up with ‘Sunflower’ and the intro alone sent fans into a frenzy, but as soon as they started to play it was noticeable how incredibly well the band plays off of each other.

Everyone’s energy was top notch throughout the whole set. Something that was noteworthy of the performance was how some of the songs Vampire Weekend played, they extended them. It was enjoyable to see them essentially jam out. Towards the end of the set, they gave the crowd a couple treats. The first was a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Jokerman’. The second was they played two fan requests, ‘2021’ which was awesome since lead singer Ezra Koenig extended the song to make it sound super interesting, and the other request was ‘Walcott’, during which the crowd’s excitement shot up again.

To top off an incredible show the band played ‘Worship You’, and since the song is so fast the crowd was buzzing. During the song, the crew threw out huge beach balls to bounce around. While the band was playing the stage lights were going crazy and they had a huge globe on stage that was spinning. 

It’s safe to say that fans left happy with the outstanding 27 song set they saw. Vampire Weekend definitely put in a lot of work to make sure fans get an awesome experience. 

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