Don Broco at Soundbar, Orlando

Kicking off the night was Canadian rock band Selfish Things. Right off the bat, they set the bar high with great songs, powerful lyrics, and capturing melodies. Their set even culminated with lead singer Alex Biro jumping into the crowd and singing from the floor!

Following that was Chicago-based, pop punk band Sleep On It. Playing a setlist of tracks featuring their fresh, new sophomore album Pride & Disaster, and older, classic crowd favorites, these guys did not disappoint. This up and coming band poured gasoline on what was an already lit night. 

Next up was the trailblazing, punk rock UK favorite Trash Boat. The crowd was up on their feet in under a minute, and at no point during the set did they stay still for one either. With vocals you could feel via every impressively sustained sung note, they ramped up the crowd even further for what was to come. 

Finally taking the stage was the band of much awaited, burning anticipation, UK rock band Don Broco who brought their groove, style, energy, bops, and A-game all the way from their home across the pond.

Cheers began the moment the lights went low, and seemed to never cease. Starting with their first song, ‘Pretty’, these guys brought the heat. Literally. The crowd involvement was through the roof, and the energy bouncing between the stage and the crowd was contagious. Don Broco slayed the stage effortlessly, while putting on the kind of dance party even unfamiliar ears couldn’t help but jam to. From deep cuts like ‘The Blues’ and ‘Nerve’ to bangers like ‘Automatic’ and ‘Superlove’ and everything in between, it makes all the sense in the world why this show was sold out.

The vocals, guitar, drums, and bass captivated the audience and never faltered. Aside from their musical prowess, they also demonstrated their hospitality, and passed out some water bottles for the well-being of those in the crowd.

All-in-all, a recipe for a great night. Suffice it to say, this is not a band to sleep on (no pun intended).



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