We live in an age where “jack of all trades, master of none” no longer applies.

In contemporary society, those who put in the effort really can be the master of all trades… or at the very least the master of multiple, which is the case for vlogger-turned-musician Tessa Violet.

Violet, along with her touring band, recently embarked on her first stint across the UK and Ireland where along the way she played a show at the O2 Academy Islington in London. Packed from wall to wall, it was clear to see that Violet attracts fans from all over the spectrum — while it came as no surprise that the front of the crowd was made up of her most dedicated teenage following, in contrast, there were the unwilling fathers at the back who seemed to ease up quickly as the set progressed and visibly begin to have fun.

In her recordings, Violet’s brand of bubblegum pop is exactly that. With the addition of her touring band, she brings something with a little more essence and je ne sais quoi to her live shows. Ex-The Summer Set member and current touring drummer for a whole host of acts, Jess Bowen, provides Violet’s sets with a strong backbone that allows the reinvented songs to border on rock ‘n’ roll. Bassist Dante Cimadamore is the mastermind behind alt/indie project Give Me Motion and has previously worked on Epic Rap Battles of History. His contribution to Violet’s live show are basslines that seem to bring everything together cohesively, pairing with Violet’s own flashy guitar licks and dreamy vocals.

The show that Violet put on at the modest O2 Academy Islington was far beyond anything that we could’ve expected. The setlist itself was made up of powerful choices, chiefly taken from her debut album Bad Ideas. While the record isn’t released until October 25, fans have been treated to several tracks off the record already when they were released as singles or on Violet’s handful of EPs. The strength of the material is only half the work, however, as it was the fluid and fabulous way that the yellow-headed songstress performed each and every track that really put the cherry on top of an excellent evening.

Closing out her unfortunately short set with the smash hit, fan favourite ‘Crush’, Tessa Violet had the entire room singing along to its huge, catchy chorus. It may have been her first time playing in London but she had to do no work in trying to win them over — this was a city evidently already in love with her, and willing to support her endeavours tenfold.

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