After releasing the absolute smash hit songs ‘C.L.A.U.D.I.A’ and ‘Behave’ the world was clawing for more from the up and coming Scottish band Vukovi, they come out the gate swinging with their brand new single and a video premiere for ‘All That Candy’.

From the opening ten seconds of this song, you can just tell they have found an amazing new sound as a band with a fantastic drop into the first verse. Everything about the song is electric and has been on a constant play cycle since the day it dropped. The vocals by Janine Shilstone are almost ghostlike and truly add to the strengths of the song, with the backing of Hamish Reily’s insane guitar skills. 

The lyrics of the song truly speak volumes, with “kill you twice if that was a thing,” and “I’m already broken” speak an honesty from the band that can be missing in some music in this current age. A standout are the riffs throughout the song truly make it stand out, and the band aren’t afraid to make their mark on the music scene. The new album Fall Better is dropping on January 24 next year and it is without a doubt we can all agree we wish it was here already! 

Make sure to watch the insane, crazy and all-over brilliant music video for ‘All That Candy’ here:

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