Frank Iero and The Future Violents at Concorde 2, Brighton

On a peaceful Sunday evening in the seaside town of Brighton, Frank Iero took to the stage at Concorde 2 to put on a powerhouse of a punk rock show.

Fans will remember Iero as the guitarist of rock band My Chemical Romance, but it’s what he’s up to these days that continues to intrigue the masses. He now has three solo album releases under his belt, each with its own “band name” that differs from the last. Currently performing under the moniker of Frank Iero and The Future Violents, Iero released the album Barriers on May 31 of this year and is now touring in support of it.

Slated as the most ambitious record Iero has produced to date, Barriers naturally provided most of the material that made up the setlist for Brighton. That isn’t to say that fan favorites from the past didn’t make an appearance too, however, and then ultimately Iero’s set was brought to a striking end with the top hit ‘Joyriding’.

Circling back to the very beginning, from the very get-go Iero and his band (made up of guitarist Evan Nestor, bassist Matt Armstrong, multi-instrumentalist Kayleigh Goldsworthy, and drummer Tucker Rule) looked like they were out for blood. The show that they put on was dialled-up and in your face, inciting everyone in the tightly packed room to lose their minds. Iero proved himself tenfold as a frontman despite his history of shrinking violet syndrome, engaging the crowd successfully with his anecdotes and encouragement. Newer releases such as ‘Medicine Square Garden’ and ‘Fever Dream’ were primarily the star of the show, allowing the audience to really see how Iero has developed and grown as a solo artist in comparison to his older material.

Rumors have been circulating for quite some time that My Chemical Romance are gearing up for a comeback, but from the performance he put on at Concorde 2 it was evident that Frank Iero and his merry band of misfits are quite content doing their own thing, setting their own pace, and playing to small rooms filled with the very diehards that no doubt make being a musician so rewarding. Iero must agree with this sentiment, surely, as he continues to put together fantastic collectives and release killer albums. If you haven’t listened yet, Barriers is well worth your time.


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