Around the beginning of 2015, I began to hear whispers of a band from Massachusetts in the US. This band would later become one of my favourite bands in my life thus far and be the most inspiring people I had ever heard of.

This band are called PVRIS, a three-piece electronic, dark pop band, and I can honestly admit that I pronounced it as “P-vris” until I first saw them live! The energy in their debut album White Noise was phenomenal to me and I had it on repeat; every day, every week.

I heard they were performing in London in April 2015, and vowed to see them live no matter what. I can still remember the nerves and excitement of queuing for the show, seeing the tour bus turn up. Little did I know after that show I would never forget them and travel across Europe just two years later to see them live!

In 2017, the band announced an EU and UK tour and I bit the proverbial bullet. I bought tickets to see them in both Paris and the following day in Antwerp, Belgium. I met one of my closest friends through the band, and we travelled on an overnight coach in November 2017 from London to Paris. Spending the day in another country with around five hours of sleep was worth every single second and getting to see a gig in another country was astounding. The atmosphere was different but familiar.

The set was amazing and I saw a opening band, who were from Scotland, named Vukovi. After their set, I downloaded all of their music and screamed along the following evening. Little did I know, I would end up interviewing them in the UK a little over a year later. The following night in Antwerp was just as outstanding as the last, if not even more so. I had Vukovi’s lead singer steal my phone mid set and record herself singing, then got a drumstick handed to me by a member of PVRIS.

If I could do it all over again, I would. With the new PVRIS tour announcement for Febuary 2020 just coming out, I could very well venture to Amsterdam or even Antwerp once again in a heartbeat. The ability to explore unknown places while supporting a love for music is something I would have never expected to do.

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