On August 9, San Francisco’s own Outside Lands kicked off its weekend-long festival. The festival made sure to start things off with a bang having Twenty One Pilots headlining the first night.  

As time was getting closer to the band’s set time, anticipation was buzzing throughout the whole crowd. The crowd went wild when drummer Josh Dun walked onto stage holding a torch, staying true to the theme of Trench. The band started off with playing ‘Jumpsuit’, which really kicked up the energy even more in the crowd because of how dynamic the song is. As the band continued to play, fans were singing along as loud as they could and moving around.

During ‘We Don’t Believe What’s on TV’ lead singer Tyler Joseph had people waving their hands in the air. All you can see was a sea of arms swinging back and forth in the crowd. Then for ‘Lane Boy’ the energy picked up again when Joseph had the crowd jumping when the song kicked in. It was crazy to see how excited everyone was when Joseph made his way down to the audience for ‘Holding on to You’; it was one of the times where it showed how much their fans love the band.

About halfway through the set, Joseph asked the crowd how much energy they had left, and they immediately went into their cover of ‘Jump Around’. Of course, the crowd started to jump around as much as they could. Another one of the highlights of the band’s set was when they played ‘My Blood’, and during the song Joseph had both sides of the crowd singing along with him, with security dancing on the big screen to make the experience a little more fun. The security were good sports about getting put on the spot and had no problem showing their favorite moves. At this point the band had security come back and the band had a track playing, which had the crowd hopping from the left to the right. During that the energy was great, everyone was having the best time getting to move around.

Next was ‘Cut My Lip’, during the song it was a powerful moment when the crowd was singing, “lean on my pride, I’m a lion.” Everyone was singing so loud and in unison, it was a special moment. The next song to be played was ‘Morph’, during the song Dun got on his drum island which was being held up by the crowd. Before continuing to play his drum solo that’s part of ‘Morph’ he started to play ‘Seven Nation Army’. This was a very cool moment to see Dun show off his drumming. As the band’s set was winding down, they played ‘Car Radio’. There is such a special vibe about the song that it goes over very well in a festival setting. When Joseph was about to make his run through the crowd to get to his tower, fans had their hands and phones out in hopes to touch hands and get a good picture to capture the moment.

In classic Twenty One Pilots fashion, the band closed out their set with ‘Trees.’ The crowd took this as a chance to make sure to show ended the night on a high note. The vibe the whole time was on a whole different level.  

It’s safe to say the crowd had the best time during the band’s set. Joseph and Dun’s live show is so high energy and interactive that it’s impossible to leave one of the shows being disappointed. The band made sure that Outside Lands kicked off on a high note. 

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