Flickertail – ‘Right Behind The Eyes’

Following on from their fantastic 2018 EP Hurry Up and Wait, Australian rockers Flickertail are back with a powerhouse of a single — ‘Right Behind The Eyes’.

Last year saw the Sydney natives embark on their first international tour in the United Kingdom, where they swept across the nation with their unique brand of gritty, unyielding rock. It was the first date of this very tour where the band debuted this new single, and it was the overwhelming reaction to it live, alongside the vote by their most dedicated, that led to it being picked to lead the way for the next chapter of Flickertail’s fascinating tale.

The track itself begins solidly, a steady bassline and punchy guitar leading the way. As lead singer Liam Whelan’s vocals begin, he decidedly takes no prisoners with, “crawl out of the woodwork like the maggots that you are/you smell like David Beckham, budget beer and cheap cigars,” a lyric he has explained in-depth on the band’s Facebook page. Whelan’s range is second to none and he flaunts this mercilessly from the get-go of ‘Right Behind The Eyes’, putting himself right up there with the greats — Phil Lynott, Robert Plant, et al.

The chorus has an impressive build-up, then plays out like true-blue stadium rock. It’s distinct, contrasting from the verses enough that it will have your ears standing to attention for the undeniably catchy main event. Verse to verse is a notable experience too, however, as listeners are treated to additional lyrical brilliance — “the only thing you’ll pull tonight is gonna be yourself,” for example…

It should come as no surprise that an epic guitar solo makes an appearance towards the end; a staple in any decent rock song, this one is particularly brilliant and brings this extraordinary single to a close with a flourish. Flickertail have truly hit it out of the park with this one, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

‘Right Behind The Eyes’ will be released worldwide on August 12.


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