Night Riots – New State of Mind

Night Riots are not strangers to my ears.

I first heard of them when I went to see The Maine a couple of years ago at KOKO. Rather unsurprisingly The Maine always have the best bands open for them and Night Riots is a great example of that. I remember checking out their 2016 release Love Gloom after the show and being impressed by their unique sound.

Their latest release New State of Mind is quite a change from the last album improving on what was already brilliant to start with. The album opens with the upbeat song ‘Tokyo Diamond Eyes’ which has a real hook of a chorus that makes for a perfect pop song with a great synth sound.

The second track is even more impressive: ‘Flashy Love’ hits hard as one of the best songs on the album it almost instantly catches you and reels you in. Even after just a few listens of the album later you’ll be singing along to this exceptional song.

Other standout tracks on the album are ‘Loyal to the Game’ and ‘Talk About It’, both amazing tracks with slightly different sounds. ‘Loyal to the Game’ has a wonderful ’80s sound that you’ll enjoy if you like the golden oldies of yesteryear.

Overall this is a great album full of songs I’d be very intrigued to see live. If they have a fraction of the energy coming through on these recordings performing the tracks live, they’ll be amazing to watch. I would definitely recommend downloading a copy of New State of Mind and you won’t regret it one bit.


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