Currently on The Night Running Tour, Beck and Cage the Elephant stopped at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. 

Starting off the show was Cage The Elephant. The fans were loving every minute of their set. Between the band’s crazy stage set up, powerful stage presence and lead singer Matthew Shultz getting into the crowd during almost every song, the audience was on a high. Shultz is one of the craziest frontmen I’ve ever seen perform. He gave all his energy that he could while he jumped into the crowd, and everyone was so excited about this. There were fans who were jumping down rows in hopes of being closer and to catch a good picture of the awesome moment. During the band’s set, you could see everyone dancing and jumping around. It was truly a great set to watch. 

After a short wait, it was time for Beck to hit the stage. His stage set up was super cool; his lighting went perfectly with the songs he performed. He also had a smaller platform in the middle of the stage and he was getting on it throughout his set so it was easier for the whole crowd to see him. He had such a brilliant stage presence, he did a great job of letting the music speak for itself. Beck’s band was also incredible, they had so much passion while playing it was hard to keep my eyes off them.

Towards the end of the set Beck brought out Shultz and they performed ‘Night Running’. He ended up finishing his set early so he messed around on stage and took the time to introduce every member of his band, having them play a part of a song they chose. It was super cool to witness, I thought it was nice to see the band getting to show off musically. Ending the show Beck played ‘Where It’s At’, and during the song, the crowd was showered in confetti and huge balloons went flying. It felt like one big party. 

It was a great show all together. Cage the Elephant and Beck both had great sets that left the crowd full of energy. 

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