Pretty Vicious – Beauty of Youth

Three years ago the then teenage members of Pretty Vicious were picked up and thrown headfirst into the music industry.

Leaving us to find out if they would sink or swim, needless to say, it’s been a turbulent time for all involved. Now finally we’ve been gifted with their debut album Beauty of Youth, a deep dive into exactly that, the beauty of youthfulness and all that comes with it.

Right from the beginning of this their latest offering I knew I would enjoy listening along as they took me on a little journey through their creation. With lyrics in songs such as ‘Move’ that every music fan could relate to on some level or another. Brad Griffiths spits out that, “music is my one release,” and we have every reason to believe that is true listening to this beauty of an album.

This album smacks of the sounds that first attracted me to music, sweetly reminiscent of bands like the sex pistols it stirs something in me. Pushing me back to a time where I listened to Never Mind the Bollocks on my Sony Discman at full volume in my bedroom. The sound may take you back but the album is definitely for the here and now.

For this record, Pretty Vicious teamed up with Dan Austin who is known for working with You Me at Six amongst others. He has done a wonderful job of encapsulating the band’s energy and attitude. The band themselves are young and it’s no surprise they manage to achieve their goal of creating something that encapsulates youth. The enthusiasm, excitement, and wonder are all there present in the music and lyrics alike.

In ‘No One Understands’ we are exposed to the disenchantments of youth also. As Griffiths explains, “no one understands, no one gives a chance to the poor kids living in this town.” It could be any town anywhere, it’s irrelevant, all that matters is the feeling we can relate to. Before the track is out were treated to some amazing guitar riffs that make the song as infectious as it is inspired.

The punchy lyrics and upbeat tempo continue as the album unfolds, one awesome track after another. Then as we reach the final stretch there’s yet another treat in store. Slowing it down a notch, ‘Playing With Guns’ is a wonderful anthem that’s both intimate and epic. The not so hidden gem of the album. Then as if it never happened we jump back into the upbeat tempo.

As for what the future holds for Pretty Vicious nobody knows, least of all them. Telling their fans, “we’ll see you all again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but wherever it is we promise it’s going to be sweaty, debauched and very, very loud,” which is a quite accurate description of Beauty of Youth. Take my advice you should definitely give it a listen, you won’t regret it.


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