Currently on tour in support of their new album Phases, Chase Atlantic stopped at Ace of Spades in Sacramento.  

Opening up the show was Lauren Sanderson and even with the short but sweet set she had, she had such a great presence on stage which made her performance seem effortless. 

Then it was time for Chase Atlantic to hit the stage and as soon as the venue went dark everyone started cheering. They started their show with playing ‘Angels’, which is one of the new songs off of Phases. That song definitely set the tone for the show as everyone immediately started dancing and jumping along. Throughout you could feel such a crazy and fun energy. It was clear by looking at the crowd that everyone, even people in the bar area and seated areas, was having a great time.

What was crazy was the show didn’t feel like a regular show, it felt like one big party. I’ve never experienced a show with that high of a dynamic before. The band’s production also was a cherry on top — between the amazing lights and visuals they had playing behind them, it made it so no one would want to look away for a second. The band as a whole has such a great vibe to them, it made it that much more enjoyable to watch them play. Each member brings something different to the show, between the smooth playing of instruments, the crazy vocals and then to top it off both lead singer Mitchel Cave and guitarist Christian Anthony did an amazing job of making sure the crowd’s energy stayed at a ten throughout. Ending the show the band played ‘Okay’ and the crowd had just enough energy to go crazy one last time. 

Chase Atlantic knows how to put on a fantastic show that you are sure not to forget. Make sure to check out and pick up a copy of the band’s new album Phases online. 

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