On June 28th New Politics made their way to Holy Diver in Sacramento for part of their mini 10 year anniversary tour and with how high energy the band’s shows are and given the size of the venue, fans were in for a treat.

Starting off the show was Sacramento natives Verno, who had no problem winning the crowd over with their catchy tunes. The lead singer did a great job of getting the audience’s energy level up, making them fully invested in watching the band while they played.

After a short wait it was time for New Politics to hit the stage and immediately they started off on a high note. Everyone noticed drummer Louis Vecchio and guitarist Soren Hansen walking to the stage but it took everyone a second to realize lead singer David Boyd was going to jump on top of the bar. Boyd started the song while standing on top of the bar and from there he crowd surfed his way to the stage. It was crazy hearing the crowd scream as loud as they could after New Politics finished playing each song, with even the band was taken back by how loud everyone was.

When Boyd got on top of the crowd, they lost their minds screaming. You could tell by looking at his face that he was in disbelief that they were being so responsive. The energy throughout the whole show was at a high; during the set there were two separate times when Hansen and Boyd crowd surfed and the crowd would bunch in the front to hold them up. In between songs Boyd had the audience make a circle so he could dance and as soon as went back to stage everyone got up and ran as quickly as possible to get closer to the front of the stage. During their last song the band had some of their fans get on stage, which was definitely a fun way to end the show. New Politics did not disappoint with their performance, and playing in such an intimate venue made the show that much better.  Judging by the crowd, it was clear they were not going to forget the concert for a very long time.

New Politics are definitely a band you have to put on your list of bands to see live. This was my third time seeing the band play and their shows are so much fun but as if that wasn’t enough, it is a positive atmosphere at their concerts which is always nice.

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