Through Fire – All Animal

Through Fire are a hard rock/alternative metal quartet, hailing from Nebraska, USA. They are set to release their next studio album All Animal on July 19 through Emphatic Records.

Since the band was formed in 2015, Through Fire have gone from strength to strength in the alternative music scene. They have toured with big names such as Sick Puppies and have also achieved mainstream success with their 2016 release Stronger, which reached no. 29 on the US mainstream rock chart.

They are sure to continue with their success with their brand new album All Animal, which is undoubtedly an incredible hard rock release. These are our standout tracks;

‘All Animal’ is the first track on the album. It is a staggering rock song, with a very catchy chorus which is sure to get into your head on the first listen. Similar to previous work, they express their interesting and unique sound, combining heavy guitar riffs with pulsing electronic synths, which is just so addictive.

‘Medicine’ is also a track which is heavily electronic influenced, which sounds very similar to a modern-day Three Days Grace single. The vocalist sings some very personal lyrics about a past experience which are sure to capture hearts internationally.

‘Die Sober’ is a standout track on All Animal. It is a little slower in tempo but is still as impactful to the listener. Lead vocalist, Justin McCain sings about his struggles with alcoholism and how he is fighting to keep sober.

Lastly, ‘Breaking Point’ is an angsty song which also features an incredibly catchy chorus. This is definitely the best track on the new release, with McCain’s raw vulnerability and emotion seeping through.

Get ready for the release of Through Fire’s new studio album All Animal next month. It really is worth a listen!


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