Plague Vendor – By Night

Epitaph Records signees Plague Vendor are here to destroy all stereotypes, and they want you to know all about it.

When you think of punk in California, your mind will no doubt be drawn to Los Angeles, Orange County, or perhaps even San Diego. What about Whittier? No, that’s not somewhere you’d generally think would produce such a thing…

Plague Vendor, however, are the exception to that rule. They’ve been on the rise recently, garnering support from BBC Radio 1, Iggy Pop, Kerrang! and more — all in the lead up to the release of their sizzling debut album By Night.

Opening with lead single ‘New Comedown’, which is more or less their most famous track so far, the record begins with an almighty kick that well and truly proves Plague Vendor are out for blood. Their material is as intellectual as it is sultry, complete with killer guitar riffs and vocals from frontman Brandon Blaine that ooze with cool.

The record flows brilliantly, with highlights such as the bass-heavy single ‘Prism’ and the fuzzy, heartwrenching capabilities of ‘Pain In My Heart’ truly stealing the show. Plague Vendor are on top of their game with this one, and By Night churns out hit after hit as it progresses.

‘All Of The Above’ and ‘Let Me Get High \ Low’ also made the cut as singles, but its the genius of album cuts that will draw you in. ‘Snakeskin Boots’ packs a punch, raining a fiery hell of artistry as it play out. Blaine shines in this one, both lyrically and vocally, giving his all in a performance that will no doubt be underrated.

By Night closes with ‘In My Pocket’, which has a tempo that contrasts heavily with the rest of the tracks on the album. This allows the listener to really delve into the various parts that make up the song though, which keeps at a steady pace for its duration. It may not be the type of cut to see the album ‘go out with a bang’, but it’s the perfect culmination for a record that is so heavy on noise. Plague Vendor have well and truly aced it on this debut, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store as they promote it.


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