Vukovi have been on an upward climb and have been touring all across Europe and then the UK over the past few months. This all accumulated at an explosive show at the Underworld in Camden.

Opening up the evening was a band from Bristol called Superlove. They were the perfect opening act, with an astonishing performance that meant we all just wanted more from them. It was a strong set and made the crowd fans from that night onwards.

The second support was a pleasant surprise to the lineup, the band Anavae. They were not what we had expected at all. Opening the set with all three members using drums was ingenious and well executed. The set felt like a series of emotions and movements that set the crowd alight with excitement. There was great energy and we would love to see their own headline show in the future.

Onto the headliners, Vukovi. The set was a fireball of energy from the second they walked onto stage throughout. It was a phenomenal performance. Opening with the latest single ‘Behave’, the crowd were jumping and screaming along with singer Janine Shilstone. The set was a clever mix of the songs by the band, with a highlight being ‘Colour Me In’, an emotional song that was executed in style. Forcing the new drummer to play an entire song with one arm taped behind his back was a hilarious choice that had the crowd laughing throughout.

Another true standout was that of Hamish Reilly, as the guitarist was on fire through the evening with his amazing skills. The band were beyond humbled and it showed from the second they hit the stage. It is without a doubt they were deserving of every minute of attention they received throughout the show.

Make sure to keep up with Vukovi as they are soon to be putting out their second studio album!

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