On June 4, Chon came to Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA to kick off their summer tour in support of their new self-titled album.

Opening the show was JD Beck and DOMi. The crowd was receptive of the group’s unique sound. Throughout their set, the audience was cheering for them the whole time. The performance was very entertaining to watch because their style of music is so distinct.

It was now time for Chon to hit the stage. As soon as they began to play, I noticed their incredible lights. The set-up really fit the vibe for the show and they went along great with the new material that the band played. During their set, you could feel nothing but good energy flowing through the venue. Everyone was having a great time jamming along to the music.

Each song they played was done so seamlessly. It was apparent while watching the band that each member brings something special to the table. As Chon finished their last song and thanked everyone for coming, they started to walk off stage. Immediately the crowd started chanting for an encore. Guitarist Mario Camarena told the rest of the band to come back so they could play two more songs. During ‘Can’t Wait’ everyone was singing along as loud as they could, and finally they wrapped up with ‘Perfect Pillow’, during which the crowd’s energy went up to a whole new level. Everyone was yelling during each pause in the song and a pit started in the middle of the crowd so the show definitely ended on a high note.

Chon has a lot of tour dates set for the rest of this summer and the fall. You can check out dates at thisischon.com. And don’t forget to check out their new album Chon on June 7.

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