Close to wrapping up their Seasons Tour, Sylar stopped by Holy Diver in Sacramento, California on May 23 for a high energy show.

Starting off the night was Bloodline. They did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up with their raw and heavy vibe. Next to play was Varials, and when they started to play the crowd picked it up and started a pit. Between lead singer Travis Tabron’s strong vocals and the band’s crazy energy, it made for an awesome set to watch. The last opener was Cane Hill, the energy the band was giving off during their set had the crowd moving and the room buzzing.

Finally, it was time for Sylar to hit the stage. They started off with a bang by playing ‘Assume’. The band kept things exciting throughout their whole set, making the show very enjoyable to watch. Lead singer Jayden Panesso did a great job of making sure everyone in the crowd was having fun and singing along. The setlist had the perfect mix of slower and faster songs so the crowd could stay engaged the whole time.

There were songs like ‘SHOOK!’, ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘Same Dance’ that gave the whole band a chance to show off their own unique skills while playing. But there were also songs like ‘No Way’, ‘Wait for You’ and ‘Open Wounds’ that stood out because of emotion that Panesso and Miguel Cardona had in their vocals. Fans seemed to connect with those songs as the lyrics carry a heavy meaning.

The Seasons Tour is packed with bands who know how to put on a fun show. Everyone in the crowd seemed to be having a great time all around. For anyone who hasn’t seen Sylar live before, I highly recommend doing so. Between their distinctive sound and crazy stage presence, you will not be disappointed.

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