Superfood at Scala, London

On Monday 22 April fans said goodbye to Superfood as they played their last show at London’s Scala.

Dominic Ganderton and Ryan Malcolm have been a staple in the indie circuit for years as they grew from the infamous “B-Town” scene. Birmingham has raised the likes of Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws alongside the band, whose first album as Superfood in 2014, Don’t Say That, blew away fans and critics alike. After a short break and signing to a new label, 2017 saw the release of Superfood’s second album, Bambino. They toured extensively in support of the record, but then fell into a radio silence until a few months ago when they announced their final performance would be at Scala.

Emotions were no doubt running high at the sold-out show, and everyone packed tightly into the pit so that they get as close as possible to the band that many simply have a soft spot for. The excitement could be heard, and was deafening, as Superfood sauntered onto the stage at around 9:15pm and opened with ‘Where The Bass Amp?’, a fan favourite.

The headline set allowed the band to perform all the tracks that people were desperate to hear, including older gems like ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Mood Bomb’. The perfectly engineered set also meant that the energy within the crowd never seemed to fall — every single person in the crowd seemed to be feeding off of the band’s own energy, resulting in a sweaty, tangled mess having the time of their lives both on and off of the stage.

A particularly brilliant point in the set was the performance of ‘Superfood’, the first track that Ganderton and Malcolm ever wrote for this project. The atypical lyrics and catchy melody made the song popular from the get-go, and the duo certainly seemed to appreciate the way it has stood the test of time as their audience screamed every word back.

It was hard not to miss the chants of “Superfood forever” as the evening came to an end, proving just how much of an effect this band has had since its humble beginnings in the mid-’10s. Also among the audience were some of the band’s famous friends, including Wolf Alice’s Theo Ellis and Peace’s Dom Boyce who did not shy away from getting involved in the crowd’s spirited antics. All in all, evidence that this is a well-loved band that will be sorely missed.


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