Set It Off are on an ever-growing path to infinite stardom, especially while performing currently the Midnight World Tour.

Their latest studio album Midnight has reached even greater heights than the prior albums released by the four-piece from Tampa, Florida.

The evening began with the phenomenal Canadian band Bearings, who truly opened up the show. While still small, they showed big potential from the beginning of the set, with a great response from the crowd. They are a band that are definitely up and coming and I know I will be following them going forward after the show.

Up next were Vukovi, a Scottish band that are fresh off a small series of headline shows earlier this year, and supported PVRIS on their headline tour across Europe back in 2017. They opened with a previously unheard song from their upcoming second studio album. The energy from lead singer Janine Shilstone was incredible, at one point being on a box in the middle of the crowd and using the crowd’s phones to record herself throughout the set; it was a unique interaction that everyone loved to see.  They set the bar going into the headline performance.

Now the main event, introduced with a female voice-over, which stated, “two minutes until Midnight” and sent shockwaves through the crowd. Set It Off provided an insane amount of energy throughout the entirety of the set and the crowd couldn’t get enough. Some highlights were definitely hearing songs from Midnight live, such as ‘Killer in the Mirror’ and ‘Lonely Dance’.

Each member of the band had a chance to shine during the set.  A standout moment in the middle of the set was from Maxx Danziger, the drummer of the band. It was a drum solo unlike any other, with songs ranging from Billie Eilish into Britney Spears and even a section blindfolded. Cody Carson, the lead vocalist was not afraid to let down his guard with the crowd, both physically and emotionally. From crowd surfing across the small venue to explaining the backstory of some of the songs, there was a connection with the fans that can be missed in some shows these days but never by this band.

The most standout moment from Set It Off came towards the end of the show: a medley of the discography of the band. This ranged from one of the earliest albums, Cinematics all the way through to the latest; flowing seamlessly between the songs. It was truly breathtaking and the crowd was exploding with energy throughout. Set It Off are rising even higher than thought possible – and we cannot wait to see what they are planning to do next.

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