BABYTEETH played The Black Heart in Camden, London for their single release show, with support from 7he 7ouch.

Five-piece multicultural band 7he 7ouch formed in 2012 and moved to England in 2014, to continue with their music. Their EP titled seventyseven was released in 2018.

As they walked onto the stage you already knew this it’s going to be a good set. How do we know this? Their confidence. Their sound can only be described as “vintage rock”. When you find yourself at one of their shows you will find yourself staring. They are energetic beyond belief and incredibly charismatic. They have the ability to hold their own while not having to compromise themselves for anyone and letting their unique sound speak for itself. This is one band that you have to see from the start of their set until the end. They’re old school rock (INXS, a touch of Hendrix, and Braid), on top of being new and innovative.

For a band that is fairly new, they dominated the stage with strong vocals, funky guitar riffs and solid breakdowns and most importantly their stage presence.

Now onto the good part, the live set.

Their setlist consisted of the following songs: ‘Solution’, ‘You Can’, ‘Rage’, ‘Psycho’, ‘My Own Verity’, ‘My Face’, ‘Knobs’ and ‘Revolution’.

First, we have ‘Solution’. This was the first track that they performed. It captured the crowd. It was punchy, out there and kept your attention. Constantine’s and John’s vocal deliverance were impeccable.

Track after track, Constantine gave the audience every opportunity to get down and dirty but then you begin to notice how stunning his voice is. Constantine’s vocal range is very impressive. 7he 7ouch are something to experience for yourself. They are classic and direct in their deliverance, real musicians. No gimmicks, no special effects, just real, raw, musical talent. Well done boys. Very well done.

There is a vast variety of genre, tempo, melody and so forth from the eight songs that were performed. It gave the set intrigue for the crowd to wonder what will come next. Something fast? Something slow? Something to dance to? You’d just have to find out. But there is one aspect that held its constant, every song was catchy and enjoyable. They let you know exactly how versatile they are and keep you hooked and that is 7he 7ouch.

Multi-geographic five-piece, BABYTEETH are a band that has elements of everything we know and love about rock and roll, deep lyrics and an attractive lineup. What more can you ask for? Their sound is iconic, their look is retro-punk and their stage presence is possession chic. This band will certainly amaze you if you allow them too. Listen carefully to the lyrics, the vast variety of melodies so that you’re able to fully embrace their infectious energy from start to finish.

This is their first headline show and they sold out the venue. This is hardly a surprise. Watching BABYTEETH perform made one thing clear early on, the first three lines of ‘Look Like Death’ their fans engaged with every move that Camilla and the band made, dancing to the hypnotic melodies from BABYTEETH.

BABYTEETH have more than proven themselves at just how talented they are. You wouldn’t have known, that they haven’t been together for a long time. They are so in-sync with one another and the audience couldn’t get enough of their stage presence.

This show had been one of the most intimate, energetic shows that we were lucky to see live. It was everything that female fronted rock fans will enjoy if you weren’t there, you missed out on incredible artists giving everything that you could possibly want and more. There was also a birthday cake.

Now onto the good part, the live set.

Their setlist consisted of the following songs: ‘Look Like Death’, ‘Cocoon’, ‘Stacy’s Blood’, ‘Shame’, ‘Siamese Twin’, ‘January’, ‘Lies’, ‘One’, ‘Cut It’, and finally, a cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a Woman’.

‘Siamese Twin’ is a dark song with a twist with remanence of Herutâ sukerutâ a 2012 Japanese psychological-horror movie, alongside having horror-esque elements within the clothing that had been styled for the music video.

‘Cut It’ is a track that is incredible live as it is in the studio. It’s something that takes elements from bands that we love: (Waxahatchee, The Pretty Reckless, Ume) and also bands that our parents have oh so kindly introduced us to (PJ Harvey, Garbage, Bikini Kill).

This particular track is something to experience live and with that being said there was a slight sadness. BABYTEETH had announced via their social media that while they had been shooting ‘Cut It’ there had been an accident. Samantha, their drummer had been unable to participate in their live set due to the injury sustained during the shoot. That didn’t stop her cheering them on from the crowd and her fill in Kayleigh Cheer did Samantha such justice. The crowd cheered her on. Keep an eye on her, talent likes hers comes very infrequently.

Once the show came to a close that evening, the energy never died down. Both the BABYTEETH and 7he 7ouch fans eyed the room waiting to meet the favorites. The energy from their live performances didn’t subdue. Vibrant chatter echoed around the room, clicks of cameras and drinks clicking. To set the tone. Human connection is what they wanted after seeing them play, and that is what they got.

Both bands have solid material and incredible talent. Here at Highwire Magazine we look forward to see what the future holds for these two bands. Watch them carefully.


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