How do you build an empire in a day? The Romans couldn’t, but you could always ask new kids on the block Twin XL who have managed to forge quite the following in less than a year.

Their effort hasn’t been minimal, of course — the trio has put their blood, sweat, and tears into making this band what it is in 2019, culminating in the recent release of their debut EP How To Talk To Strangers.

Three tracks were released prior, with ‘Good’ and ‘Sunglasses’ dropping in 2018 and ‘Friends’ coming out more recently. These cuts gave eager fans an idea of what was to come from the brand new band which is fronted by Nekokat guitarist, frequent The Ready Set collaborator and singer-songwriter Cameron Walker, with ex-The Summer Set members Stephen and John Gomez on bass and guitar respectively. Their foregoing fame isn’t an excuse to disregard all the hard work they’ve put in since last year, however, as everything they have achieved has been a product of their determination to succeed.

The first new song to be heard on the EP is ‘Neon Summer’, a delightful indie-pop song with a huge chorus which immediately showcases that these are three seasoned professionals in the music industry. They’ve made their mark over the last decade, but this new venture is their opportunity to really go above and beyond… and with tracks like this, it’s difficult not to believe in their success!

The ever-so-funky ‘Thrill’ sees the band explore styles that they definitely may not have touched on in previous projects, and while lyrically it’s not the most profound it’s the perfect soundtrack to grooving the night away.

Then there’s ‘Everybody’s Talkin’, touching upon themes that are things that essentially everyone can resonate with. There’s no unnecessary extras or hyperboles, just a normal guy singing about normal things — an excellent marketing tactic if you want to make fast fans.

How To Talk To Strangers comes to an end with what is arguably the best track on the record — ‘Don’t Wake Me, I’m Still Dreaming’. It’s endearing, it’s relatable, and is the perfect song to blast at a house party where you know no one but you want everyone to hear just how great Twin XL are. Not speaking from personal experience though, of course…

To be entirely blunt, this EP fucking rules, and as an introduction to such a new band, it truly speaks volumes. With the amount of traction that Twin XL has been receiving since their inception, we can be confident in our endorsement of them — they’re going to go far.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, there’s no doubt that Twin XL will soon be the toast of the town; their determination is second to none and there isn’t a band out there who deserves it more.

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