Wild Nothing at the Village Underground, London

Wild Nothing recently played The Village Underground in London on their UK tour with support from J Fernandez.

The show had completely sold out and had fans desperately scrambling to find tickets to the show on the Facebook event. For those lucky enough to secure a ticket, they had the best night waiting ahead.

With beers in most peoples’ hands, the crowd cheered at the first sign of the band emerging on to the stage. Immediately, the crowd were sent into a nostalgic state with their song ‘Nocturne’, off their second studio album by the same name.

Providing for both old and new fans, the band seamlessly transition right into newer material playing ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ off their latest LP Indigo. It was evident, that the setlist had been carefully planned as almost every other song was an older song. Not even their older EPs were neglected with the band playing classics such as ‘Golden Haze’ off their 2010 EP by the same name.

Having the band play older material in tandem was absolutely fantastic as bands with such a volume of work tend to lump their more prominent older works towards the end of the show and only play one or two of them. Instead, the band played a long set giving people like myself who had never seen the band live an opportunity to experience the joy of being able to see some of their best work live. The fact that they took this approach was a refreshing break from the norm of live music. Most bands seem to see their older material become either obsolete or completely forgotten about at a live show to make room for new tracks but this was not the case at all.

After an extensive set, the band walk off the stage briefly to make their exit. The crowd, however, erupt in a unified chant for an encore. The band re-emerged and the audience applauded as they launched into playing a further three songs. ‘Chinatown’ was greeted with glee with many smiling faces and grins amongst the audience. But it was ‘A Dancing Shell’ and ‘Shadow’ that stole the encore with the audience belting out the lyrics. Although Wild Nothing are known for their laid back and dreamy disposition, it didn’t mean that the crowd stood still throughout. Their performance was still energetic, had people singing along and dancing along to every single note.

Wild Nothing are have proven not only in their recorded material but also in their live shows that they are truly one of the best indie bands of our generation. The fact that they can play old material and still captivate a large portion of the crowd just goes to show how unforgettable their discography is. Their live show is truly a spectacle to watch, a tapestry of old and new woven together in though a flawless performance to create an unforgettable experience for all their fans.



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