half•alive at Dingwalls, London

California trio half•alive have regularly been compared to the likes of twenty øne piløts, and not just because they both make it incredibly difficult to type their preferred stylisation of the band name…

The same influence of indie pop and electropop is at the very root of the two bands. With that being said, does the former possess that unique spark that you just can’t find anywhere else?

half•alive were originally scheduled to be playing at Camden Assembly for their first ever UK show, but when tickets sold out the show was upgraded to the much larger Dingwalls which sits beside Camden Lock. This was a testament to just how popular they’ve become in a short amount of time, and upon arriving at the venue it was clear to see that the room was heaving with all different kinds of music fans. Teenage emos blended easily with indie kids and even an older crowd, with the latter of the three mostly hovering around the back bar with pints in hand.

When the band finally took to the stage, the packed-out pit erupted with an almighty cheer and surged forward in an attempt to get closer to the action. While it was a club show, there was an unmistakable determination in the stage presence of the trio as they put on a performance fit for a stadium. Neon lighting shone brightly behind them, and at one point they even had backing dancers come out to join vocalist Josh Taylor in choreography that could match any pop idol in skill.

They performed a cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, as they have yet to release a full-length record and evidently needed to pad out their set. This means that on the likes of Spotify you’ll find only their 2017 EP 3 and more recent singles ‘arrow’ and ‘still feel.’, the two tracks that they closed their set with. They were both received well by the audience, who no doubt considers themselves lucky that they got to cash in on an experience with this sensational band while they’re still shiny and new.

When half•alive are playing stadiums, those who watched them at Dingwalls can safely say they were “early investors” to this band with its unbelievable amount of potential. Comparing them to twenty øne piløts is unquestionably a cop-out — these guys have their very own je ne sais quois.


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