Good Charlotte was one of my favourite bands back in 2002 and every time they’ve released an album since I’ve really enjoyed it.

The latest album Generation Rx is no exception so when they announced they’d be playing the massive Alexandra Palace as part of their Generation Rx tour I was excited, to say the least.

First up was The Dose and despite the fact I’d never heard of them I had shown up early so decided to check them out rather than chill out in the bar. I was surprised to see just two individuals on the stage a drummer (Ralph Alexander) and a vocalist/guitarist (Indio Downey). Downey belted out vocals from behind his long floppy hair that completely obscured any view of his face. Although I could tell that both parties were very talented, it was not really my thing.

Next up was Boston Manor who gave a high energy performance as they thrashed their way through about seven songs. All but one of which were from their recent and second full-length album Welcome to the Neighbourhood. The boys from Blackpool did an excellent job of starting to get the crowd hyped up, which is not always easy that early in a show. Especially at Ally Pally where there are food and bars outside of the main performance hall to distract waiting fans.

The last support band to come out was the amazing Sleeping WIth Sirens who played their set as if it was their own headlining show. Their ability to capture an audience ever present they did exactly that and had the crowd eating out of their hands. They played a mixture of songs from Madness, Feel and Let’s Cheers To This including my personal favourite ‘Better Off Dead’ which Kellin Quinn dedicated to everyone in the room who had ever suffered from depression or anxiety.

By the time Good Charlotte came out the room had filled up a lot and there was a certain buzz in the air. They opened with ‘Generation Rx’ followed by ‘Self Help’ off of the new album but quickly went into ‘The Anthem’. It was obvious that a large amount of the crowd was looking forward to the oldies as a lot of the crowds dancing broke out at that point. There were also indoor fireworks and the pyrotechnics on stage during the song and it really set the scene for how the rest of the night would go.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear ‘The Story of My Old Man’ next and throughout the set it was refreshing to hear that there were as many songs from hit album The Young and the Hopeless as there were from Generation Rx. I’m sure that impressed the other older audience members as much as it did me. There were even a couple of songs in there from their debut studio album Good Charlotte including my all-time favourite song of theirs, ‘Little Things’.

A beautiful moment in the night came quite late in the set when Sam Carter from Architects came out to perform a song with the band. They choose to do a rendition of ‘Leech’ and as far as we all know it was the first time this song had ever been played live. The crowd went absolutely crazy and Carter was met with great reception.

All in all, it was a great show with plenty of pop-punk perfection and high energy sets that kept the crowd hyped up throughout. As per usual Good Charlotte impressed with their great performance and fan-focused evening, reaffirming my belief that it’s the older bands that are still schooling the newer band on how pop-punk is done.

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