Set It Off‘s brand new album Midnight is an eclectic journey through the insanity and brilliance that sets this four-piece aside from all other bands in their genre at the moment.

Coming from Cinematics and touring as support for bands such as Tonight Alive over the years, this album is a testament to how far they have come.

Opening with lead single ‘Killer In The Mirror’ was an amazing choice. The song is catchy and is able to get into your head quicker than you would expect. It is the epitome of what fans have come to expect from them.

Transitioning into ‘Hourglass’ makes for a new form, and may throw the listener off of what they are expecting. It’s another catchy song with beautiful vocals by lead singer Cody Carson. ‘Lonely Dance’ is a track that many can appreciate, dealing with the pressures of social anxiety and mental health issues. The lyric, “I don’t need you to understand,” speaks volumes in highlighting the message of the song.

The lyrics across songs such as ‘For You Forever’ and ‘Dancing With The Devil’ are designed in such a way that they can easily be pictured bringing down the house at any live show. ‘Go To Bed Angry’ is a beautiful song, featuring Wayfinders, that sets itself apart from the rest of the album.

‘No Disrespect’ has some great instrumentals that will keep your head nodding along. It’s great to see the band have the ability to step outside the norm. The final songs on the album feel very much like a swan song to the end of the album itself, with ‘Unopened Windows’ being a slow, beautiful song about memories.

Midnight is the meeting point of the band’s album Upside Down and arguably Duality in one. They are able to change up the sound on each and every album without fail. Overall, it’s a strong record and will no doubt see fans having it on repeat for months.

You can catch them on the upcoming 2019 UK and EU headline tour this April!

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