On December 17, Seaway and Trophy Eyes brought their American Vacation Tour to Holy Diver in Sacramento, California for a nearly sold-out show.

Starting off the night was Hot Mulligan who did a great job of warming up the crowd with their lively sound and high energy performance. Next to play was Can’t Swim, who had a great set. People seemed to really be enjoying the songs the band was playing off their new album This Too Won’t Pass. The last opener to play was Microwave. Though they were more mellow compared to the other openers the crowd looked fully engaged in watching the band play. They ended their set with a bang when playing ‘Vomit’.

After a short wait it was then time for Trophy Eyes to hit the stage. While waiting for the band you could feel the excitement everyone was feeling. As soon as the band started playing ‘You Can Count On Me’, the energy in the room went up a notch and everyone started moving around and singing along. All throughout the band’s set, the crowd was constantly moving around and singing. Everyone’s spirits seemed to be very high all during their awesome performance.

After Trophy Eyes it was then time for Seaway to play. Despite having watched four bands play and it being 10pm the crowd was still very much alive patiently waiting for the final band. I was very impressed with the great vibe Seaway had. The band looked like they were one hundred percent enjoying themselves on stage the whole time which was nice to see. Frontman Ryan Locke did a great job of making sure the crowd was keeping the energy at a high throughout their set. The pit during the band’s set was filled with people yelling the words and jumping around and crowd surfing. That was the most energized I saw the crowd be the whole night. I’ve been to a lot of smaller club shows and Seaway is definitely up on my list now for being one of the most enjoyable sets I’ve seen.  

Wrapping up the night fans seemed to have really enjoyed the concert. All the openers, Trophy Eyes and Seaway did a fantastic job of putting on such a great show.

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