Miles Kane at the O2 Academy Brixton, London

Miles Kane is somewhat of an indie powerhouse these days, infamous for his antics with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner both on and off the stage.

He’s had a variety of projects over the years, but arguably his solo material has been the most successful at drawing in the masses. Kane took to the stage at O2 Academy Brixton last week to give London a taste of his Coup de Grace tour, following a support slot from The Mysterines.

Fans were treated to a mixed bag of a set, which kicked off with one of his brand new tracks, ‘Silverscreen’, and quickly led into Colour of the Trap favourite ‘Inhaler’. Kane was fantastic at engaging with the crowd, who by the second song were already hanging on to every word.

It was quickly becoming a night of non-stop dancing, with Kane’s audience surging in time to the likes of ‘Give Up’, from Don’t Forget Who You Are, through to ‘Killing The Joke’ and ‘Too Little Too Late’ from his latest release. The album’s title, Coup de Grace, appeared in neon lights in various colours above Kane’s head throughout the set, just one part of a beautifully dressed stage that also included glittering tinsel and a streamlined light show. While this did not add much to Kane’s value as a musician, it certainly made for a great Instagram photo…

In addition to performing the very best cuts from his own back catalogue, Kane treated his most dedicated to a sizzling cover of Donna Summer’s 1979 hit ‘Hot Stuff’. He put his own brilliant spin on the track, and it was no surprise when it sounded like the entirety of the venue was singing along to the chorus.

When Kane left the stage, it wasn’t long until the ear-splitting cheers brought him right back out. His encore was fairly easy to suss out, consisting of new fan favourite ‘Shavambacu’ and, arguably the song he is best known for, ‘Come Closer’. The latter saw the audience erupt, seizing this last opportunity to have a sing and a dance to the material of someone so highly respected in the scene.

Photos by Alejandra Peter-Thomas.


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