Introducing: Shattered

Highwire Magazine caught up with Tony Pettry, the guitarist of Shattered.

So, who are you?

We are a heavy metal band named Shattered.

Where are you from?

Shattered is located in Tampa Bay, Florida

How long have you been together?

The band was formed in 2014 and in that time we went through a few members but hopefully, now everything is stable with long-term members. Myself and Tony Weaver are the original members of the band.

How long have you been playing music?

I have personally been playing the guitar since I was 13 years old so that would make 30 years playing heavy metal!

Why should people listen to your band?

Shattered has multiple influences from old to new school music that is combined together that gives us our unique sound. You definitely know when we change songs, unlike some bands where every song sounds the same.

What is your ideal touring line-up?

My dream is a real reach but here it is, I would love to open for King Diamond who are my all time favourite. But, realistically we would be happy touring with any lineup.

What does music mean to you?

Music is my way of expressing myself and helps me cope with life around me.

What was the first record you bought when you were younger?

The first album I bought was the KISS album, Destroyer. I literally wore that tape out and believe  it or not I still have it.

What artists first inspired you to start playing music?

That would be KISS, Danzig, King Diamond, GWAR and so many more…

What’s the most aesthetically pleasing album cover that you have in your collection?

That would have to be Danzig’s How The Gods Kill.

What kind of movie genre do you think your music would best be the soundtrack for?

We would fit in fighting movies and horror movies for sure.


I recommend a local band in the Florida area named Re-Birth. They have a couple albums out which I can’t name off the top of my head. They are the next best thing for sure! Soon as the right person sees them it will be endless for them.

Any last words for the readers of Highwire Magazine?

I just want to thank Highwire Magazine for the interview. We are reaching out past our local scene to let the world know about us and who we are. Shattered really likes your platform and hopes to return again soon.


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